We are intersectional feminists. We believe that every aspect of life is a feminist issue, and as such, we support any activism that promotes sexual equality, environmental safety, racial equality, human rights, bodily autonomy, economic parity, education, health, child welfare, and positive political discourse.

We reject patriarchal structures that involve excessive competition for resources because we believe in abundance. We reject rape culture. We reject the forced diminishment of individuals or groups because of their gender identity, sexuality, race, religion, creed, or other personal choices. We also reject police brutality, the War on Drugs, prison culture, artificial borders, domestic violence, immigration control, uncomfortable shoes, and foam packing peanuts. Really, the foam packing peanuts kill us.

Before you roll your eyes and label us tedious Social Justice Warriors (though we think those words together and separately are all perfectly acceptable), you should know that we support the Second Amendment (with some caveats/changes). We watch football. We play video games, CCGs, and RPGs. We can drink, spit, cuss, and burp with the best of them. We don’t hate men. However, we have firm and fast whip hands, and we will not tolerate cruelty or unkindness on our site. Be ye warned.

On these pages you will find original blog posts from Jess or Less, your original Feminactivists. When we can find someone willing and able to write for us, we will happily include their voices as well.  You’ll also find our lively and informative podcasts for free on iTunes, Stitcher, and LibSyn. In addition, we will provide links to news and opinion pieces we find relevant to our overall discussion.