We’re Just Another Brick In The Wall

By: Lessa Leigh

It’s February 26th. We’re five weeks into the Trump regime. Despite what the calendar tells us, those five weeks feel like five years. If I design trademarked t-shirts that say, “Fascism Moves Fast, Y’all”, would you buy them?

This week alone, Steve Bannon announced at CPAC that the purpose of the regime is to dismantle the government. We kinda knew that already, but having him say it loud and clear was a bit of a shock. Transparency and honesty aren’t virtues we expect from our dear leaders in Trumpland, but apparently Mr. Bannon feels confident enough in his position to tell the truth.

Also at CPAC, Betsy DeVos mocked hungry school kids. It was all meant as a “joke”, but when the Chief Strategist for the White House announces that the plan is to take everything away from everyone, the joke is on us. In addition, Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided that protections for transgender students using the bathrooms they felt comfortable in were no longer needed. Sorry, kids. Uncle Jeff wants to look under your skirts and unzip your flies and check your work. It’s for your own good.

Aunt Betsy and Uncle Jeff are also busy turning the school-to-prison pipeline into a super highway. Vouchers for unregulated charter schools, a law and order social mentality, and an increase in the already ludicrous War on Drugs means that even more people, mostly poor and brown, will be incarcerated. Btw, America has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prison population. We’re Number One! We’re Number One!

Friday, several media outlets, including CNN, Politico, Buzzfeed, and The New York Times were banned from an expanded White House press gaggle. I could write an entire piece about that incident alone, but please know that the Fourth Estate is “the people”. Whenever rulers, the military, or the clergy don’t want the press around, the first question you have to ask yourself is “What are they hiding?” We still haven’t dealt with Trump’s ties to Russia.

The terrorists, I mean angry white men, are at it again. Some dude shot up people in Kansas for being not white.  Or something. It’s hard to tell what angry white men are angry about. May as well check “everything” and move along.

This week was also tough for anyone who was Jewish. In a turn of events that would only shock people who watch Fox News, Muslims came to the rescue of the Jewish community in St, Louis and have offered the same support for a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia that was vandalized this weekend. Much like Jews had done the same for Muslims a few weeks ago. Being persecuted for millennia by angry white men tends to make “others” feel like friends.

Uncomfortably, the issue of the wall along the US border with Mexico is still under debate. Mexico isn’t paying for the wall, but Trump insists on one, completely forgetting that there already is a border wall. Meanwhile, ICE raids are on-going. The “bad hombres” being picked up have unpaid parking tickets and other minor infractions, but thank goodness we are being protected from such scofflaws. Trump also wants to hire 15,000 more border guards, so if anyone wants a job, call him.

While our government is eagerly trying to remove the “illegals”, they’re making it increasingly difficult for people to legally enter the country. Or even fly across it. We must keep our papers on us at all times, and we probably need to delete all social media apps before we fly, which sucks because I can’t remember my passwords.

The conclusion I make from all this is that if I leave the country, it will be at a point where I am not coming back. I’m also beginning to think we’re not meant to leave. Oh, that sounds melodramatic. I’m sorry. What a silly idea I have. No country in the history of the world has ever prevented its citizens from leaving…

It’s February 26th. We are five weeks into the Trump regime. I’m reminding myself of this, as I remind myself that none of this is normal. Whatever we do, we must continue speaking up and out or else, we will be complicit in even greater atrocities.

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